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Date published: not known

Date published: 1464458470
Welcome to The Dark Brotherhood website
Diablo 3 expansion announced!

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EverQuest Next
Destructible, persisent environments in Everquest Next - sounds impressive!

Shacknews Preview
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Evil is...cuddly?

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Evil is back!

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Diablo III Open Beta
This weekend (21st/22nd April) blizzard are opening up Diablo III beta for open testing! Just head over to, grab the beta client and give it a go!
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New Website
The Dark Brotherhood has a new website:

All applications should be carried out over there.

Existing members please go register
[Submitted by eluna]
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The Dark Brotherhood Hits 25!
Congratulations everybody, we are now a Level 25 Guild!

Go get yourselves a cool Lion Mount if you haven't already, and while you are there pick up an Armadillo Pup as we also got the Critter Kill Squad achievement this week as well.

Next stop; Phoenix mount, that mass resurrection should help!
[Submitted by eluna]
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Guild Raiding Progression
Eye of Eternity

10: Clear 27/03/09
25: Not started yet


10: Clear 11/01/09
25: 4 quarters clear

Obsidian Sanctum

10: Clear 04/01/09
25: Clear 22/02/09


10: 2nd quarter clear
25: Not started yet


10: Clear
25: Not started yet


10: Clear
25: Not started yet
Guild Recruitment

Apply here!
bullet deathcomes

Hiya lem hope things are going well with your new arrival and that we get to see you back online soon
bullet lemures

hello my old friends i am just passing around and i want to say hi to all. I dont have time for WoW now, but i hope i will have it again
bullet Wolfwomen

There is a new Raid run in Firelands on Thuesday this some of Shonnix
bullet admin

bullet Wolfwomen

Hey all...cant put up any if any shadow read this...I will try to make raid on Thuesday 4 July...Trash run in Firelands..start 21,00 servertime


Your favourite WoW installment?



The Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King

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